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Services currently available:

Technical support at sea:

Kim, at devOcean, has experience aboard ships of all sizes in support of projects for:
  •   Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility
  •   University of Washington (including APL, School of Oceanography)
  •   NOAA (including PMEL, Ocean Exploration)
  •   University of Victoria (including VENUS, NEPTUNE, ONC)
  •   Institute Of Ocean Sciences (DFO - Pat Bay)
  •   NGK (Nichiyu Giken Kogyo) Ocean (Japan)
  •   SNK Ocean (Japan)
...performing work as ROV pilot/maintainer; project support tech; instrument specialist

Specific support services and experience:

Operation and maintenance of remotely operated subsea vehicles (work class) including facility with 5- and 7-function spatially correspondent and force feedback manipulators

Set up and test of oceanographic equipment including:
ADCP, Seismometer, Camera System, CO2 Sensor, CTD, Current Meter, Sonar, etc  full instrument list

 ...from Vendors including:
Aanderaa, ASL Environmental, Biosonics, Biospherical, Guralp Systems, Imagenex, Kongsberg, Nortek, RDI Teledyne, ROS, SeaBird, etc  vendors

Setup, test and troubleshooting of serial systems including daily working familiarity with EIA 232, 422, 485 protocols

Setup and test of subsea and onshore network components including:
managed and unmanaged switches (incl VLAN config), fiber/copper media converters, Ethernet serial servers, Offshore network (Observatory) interface components, fiber-optic multiplexors
  ...from vendors including:
Oceanworks, MOXA, IMC, Omnitron, Moog (Focal), Linksys, D-Link

Evaluation and test of fiber optics systems including operation of:
laser diode multi-wavelength source, multi-wavelength power meter, OTDR

Splicing and termination of fiber-optic cable including:
fusion splicing, mechanical splicing, termination to ST, SC, LC connectors and pigtails

Specification (power and comms) and evaluation of subsea cables and connectors including:
instrument whips, E-M/F-O cables to support subsea platforms, ROV tethers and umbilicals, hybrid, oil-filled cables; dry-mate, wet-mate and underwater mateable connectors incl ODI hybrids

Specification and evaluation of surface and subsea power provision including:
isolation and boost transformers, diesel generators, switchgear, soft-start and motor controls; isolation monitoring systems

Documentation including:
Generation of instrument and platform test plans and procedures:
- qualification
- incoming inspection/acceptance
- functional test and system integration
Technical manuals and procedures in support of new equipment
Reports and proposals